Posted by: RFC Blogger from Bridgend | September 28, 2011

Oh what a wonderful morning – Reading stage amazing comeback!

Fantastic comeback by the Royals!

When the Royals conceded the first goal – I thought right now maybe they’ll start playing, as it seems that they often need to let a goal in before they take the game seriously.

When the second goal went in I thought – come on Reading – we’ve given Bristol City in this game, and the rest of the league generally in the last 8 games, enough of a head start – we need to take the gloves off and get on with doing well this season.

So when Jobi scored the first goal and then Le Fondre drew the team level – I fully expected them to go on a win – and that’s what happened. Manset scored a late goal to send the Royals back eastward on the M4 jubilant.


I have n’t managed to get to a game yet, and in a stupid fatalistic fans viewpoint, I’m starting to wonder if the team are missing my support! I can’t seem to get enthusiastic about fixtures at the moment, lots on in work, life etc, but when that second goal went in yesterday, I could n’t help cheering the team on, from my dining room table, and it’s certainly given me a lift this morning reflecting on the win.


My other teams – well Brighton and Crystal Palace played yesterday, with the Eagles visiting their local rival’s new home. In this battle of the big birds, the Seagulls took an early lead, but in this case the early bird certainly did not get the worm, as Crystal Palace scored two very late goals to win  the game. Tears of joy for one brother-in-law, and despair for another.


Cardiff play tonight, and Swansea have finally won a game in the Premiership since I last wrote, but lost to Chelsea in their last game.




  1. Flad you stopped Blogging, everything seemed to improve once you stopped 😉 URZZZZ

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