Posted by: RFC Blogger from Bridgend | August 29, 2011

Reading FC DWLLL! 29.8.11

Come on Reading. We are already 9 points behind the leaders (Brighton!) which is three wins, and we have not had a point in the league since 13th August. We’ve also lost in the cup so in total there is another L in the results sequence. We also seem to have got into the risky habit of letting the other team take a two goal advantage (Millwall, Barnsley and Charlton) and are also putting our reputation as late goal specialists to the test – but have only saved our bacon this way against Millwall so far.

The above probably explains why I have not been motivated to put finger to keyboard on this blog, however I am certain that King Brian will be able to restore order and performance soon enough.

The tendency has been to have a slow start both in games and the season generally under his managership and then build up momentum as the season progresses. I don’t mind this as it compares favourably with starting really well and then falling into a slump after Christmas which happened a few times under Steve Coppell. At least this way things get more exciting as the season goes on rather than racing ahead and then slowing down as everyone catches up and we end up coming in 3rd or 7th, just outside automatic promotion or just outside the playoffs.

But in case it needs saying (which I’m sure it does not) I think we have given the rest enough of a head start now, so we need to start putting points on the board and winning games.

Looking at my other teams: well maybe the Swansea fans are not enjoying this as much so far. Being a proud (potentially small-minded) fan who wants to see Reading doing better than other teams, I can’t help comparing how the Swans are doing with how RFC did in their first premiership season.

points goal diff
RFC W L L 3 -1
Swansea L D D 2 -4

Cardiff are doing ok, they got off to a good start, wobbled a bit and have now settled the ship with a couple of draws. Brighton – are making the most of beginners luck as are Southampton, and they head the league and if things carry on this way our meeting with them at Easter will be very exciting. Crystal Palace, are also going very well, maybe spurred on by their local rivals (Brighton) and needing to have a good season, after several poor ones.

The Royals have signed two players, and hopefully things will kick on from here, well when I say from here…there is a break now until 10th September. It would have been nice to go into the break on a high, but at least Brian can regroup and make a fresh start at home to Watford on the 10th.

Come on URS……


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