Posted by: RFC Blogger from Bridgend | July 22, 2011

Sonko – you should never go back!

Just did my usual daily look at the BBC RFC page – to see that Sonko is on trial with and may come back to the Royals.

Don’t get me wrong he was a major part of our Promotion team and really important at the back for us. But let’s be honest he did not play as well in the Premiership (was unfortunately injured), which may not be that important as we are not in the Premiership at the moment, but in my humble opinion it does not work second time around! Look at what happened to Kitson and Little!

I don’t think it sets the right tone for the up and coming players to see other players potentially coming to the latter parts of their careers coming back to Reading. Sure I realise that Ian Hart, Andy Griffin are in the same boat – but they never played for the Royals previously! My heart sinks seeing this as a possibility as it makes me question the ambition of the management at the club as well.

Anyway – good to see something happening – but not sure this is a good move!

Season starts two weeks Saturday – can’t wait!


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