Posted by: RFC Blogger from Bridgend | June 25, 2011

Fixture list changes – Brighton v Reading FC

That’s great! Why move a fantastic game from a lovely Bank Holiday afternoon kick off, to a Tuesday evening kick off? So much for the impact on the fans. I suppose I should consider that of all the games that could have been changed this one is during the Easter Holidays, and so maybe lots of fans will be off anyway that day, and I suppose for most Reading fans it is not the worst journey to have to make to Brighton on a Tuesday evening (hope the M25 is ok during rush hour!). Not that I think any of this helped the powers that be to make this decision easier for them – they would not even have considered any of these issues – just the TV rights most likely.

Anyway another week ending in a Saturday of the gap between the end of one football season and the start of another. It’s flaming June – but no-one told the person in charge of the weather as it is absolutely pouring down out there.

No news to speak of about transfers – and I still feel fairly relaxed about those we lose as maybe there is room for a shake up and time for some new blood. No-one is bigger than the club!

25th June today –  6th August season kicks off – six weeks to go!


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