Posted by: RFC Blogger from Bridgend | June 14, 2011

The season is dead! Long live the new season!

Sub title: Reading FC for promotion.

I click on the BBC Reading FC Page out of habit and usually at this time of year it is a pretty barren place. No real news to speak of, just waiting to read that Shane has signed for Premiership FC – which will undoubtedly happen.

Today though the league has been updated for the teams that were promoted and relegated. It makes interesting reading if you set aside the fact that it is in alphabetical order.

Position Team    
1 Barnsley   Birmingham are going to go back up straight away, again!  Brighton are going to do well like many teams who are promoted and reach the playoffs.  Cardiff are going to do badly and end up just outside the playoffs. Crystal Palace are going to have a better season, possibly buoyed on by wanting to out do their local rivals (but failing). Southampton are going to do what other promoted sides do and that is go straight back down, with West Ham who are also going to follow one relegation with another. By this logic, Reading are going to struggle but avoid relegation in a difficult season, post Long! 
2 Birmingham  
3 Blackpool  
4 Brighton  
5 Bristol City  
6 Burnley  
7 Cardiff  
8 Coventry  
9 Crystal Palace  
10 Derby  
11 Doncaster  
12 Hull  
13 Ipswich  
14 Leeds  
15 Leicester  
16 Middlesbrough  
17 Millwall  
18 Nott’m Forest  
19 Peterborough  
20 Portsmouth  
21 Reading  
22 Southampton  
23 Watford  
24 West Ham  

 It’s a good job I don’t do predictions, but it will be interesting to see how the teams promoted to relegated to and those that failed to escape, the Championship do in the coming season.


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