Posted by: RFC Blogger from Bridgend | May 31, 2011

After the play off final 2010/11 – Brian McDermott is fab!

Brian McDermott

I just listened to Brian’s interview after the game, you just have to be impressed by how composed and clear someone can be after what must be a heart breaking experience. He was much clearer about how the game had gone than I was – for me the first half was terrible and I was scared every time Swansea got the ball. Brian remembered that we were better than them the first 20 minutes, that two of their goals were lucky rebounds off our players, and that things just did not go our way. I know that he has a job to do, and every word he says will be recorded and can come back to haunt him, so he has to be balanced and also careful not to say something too personal about any of his players, the ref (!), the opposition, but even so to be  able to speak so eloquently so soon after having a really bad day at the office is to be applauded.

For me today I feel like a balloon with the air nearly all gone out of. The balloon took a battering in the first half of yesterday’s game, then stabilised during the second half, and gradually had a very slow puncture going home down the M4. This morning our alarm clock is set to radio and Radio Wales is playing in my ear while I am trying to have a lie in. Eventually I can stand the jolly Welsh and Swansea fans, reporters and presenters, no more and get out of bed to turn it off. I manage to drift back to sleep, but even while I am dozing I have that nagging feeling that something has changed, and that the something I was looking forward to has fizzled out. On reflection it felt a bit like the journey back from Man City when they knocked us out of the FA Cup. Until yesterday I had not really thought of the Play Offs as cup games – even though I knew they were really.

But come on now – before the game I was feeling that it was a bonus to get to the final and that really automatic promotion next year was what we really should be expecting. And painful though it is now, this year was really about building for next year – that’s my opinion but probably not Brian’s. This is only Brian’s first full year in charge, next year expectation will be much higher – and I can’t wait for the first game to kick off.

Looking at “my other teams”, Swansea will be in the Premiership and the best of luck to them, Reading, Cardiff Crystal Palace and Brighton are all in the Championship and as my other sister lives near Stevenage – I am going to start keeping an eye on them – they were promoted to League 1 (not that she noticed!).

I can’t believe another season is over, and don’t know if I will keep this blog going, as although I have enjoyed putting my thoughts down on “paper” it has been yet another thing I need to do, so can be a bit of a bind. But I can’t resist the Royals so what ever happens I will be following them.



  1. Hello Ms. What a great piece of prose. It will be a shame if you don’t carry on next season. I would be happy if I could translate such terrace excitement to paper.

    hope you can make time to visit the Super Seagulls next season. stay foe the weekend and the drinks will be on me.

    See you soon


    • Hi CD, can’t wait to stay foe or even for the weekend. Glad to see someone (else) appreciates my prose! Of course this was always the plan to stay in the Championship so that we could visit your lovely new stadium. Bring on the fixture list so we can set a date!

      • As a colleague of CD and a fellow Royal, i must say i have enjoyed your blog all season, sharing many of the highs and lows and general love of all things Royal!!

        Please keep it up for the new season.


      • Hi Neil, thanks for the words of support. I still can’t believe the season is over and less than a week ago I was on my way to Wembley full of hope and excitement. Can’t wait for the fixture list to come and to see when we are playing Brighton. Its quite therapeutic keeping the blog – so no doubt I will carry on next season!

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