Posted by: RFC Blogger from Bridgend | May 28, 2011

Play off final eve, eve

One day nearer to the play off final and our day at Wembley!

There are frequent references in the local news and radio stations to the play off final – always from a Swansea perspective – although Ady Williams was giving an ex-Reading player perspective last night on Sport Wales. I’ve trawled the Get Reading website for local stories, and the BBC website too, just to try and tap into the build-up atmosphere. The Reading FC website has lots of interviews and build up videos and news articles, which I’ve been through too. I can’t wait for Monday morning to come and to get on our way up the M4.

I still just feel so pleased that our team are going to the Final, to be in Wembley Stadium, cheering our team out onto the pitch will be fantastic.

My tickets arrived earlier this week – getting those on the ticket-zone website was an experience! I spent ages in the waiting room – which was meant to automatically refresh and let me into the website – but after waiting half an hour or so I started to open a few more windows which seamed to get straight into the booking area of the website. Each time I seamed to get a bit further – I selected my seats about three times, and for some reason which no-one will acknowledge two of our member cards would not be accepted by the ticket-zone site. It was a good job I only wanted three tickets. Thankfully and eventually I was successful, but it was only when the tickets were there on the mat when I got home from work on Wednesday that I could relax.

The tickets say “Reading/Cardiff” which is presumably because they were printed before the outcome of the Tuesday match. There is something odd about there being 40k plus tickets for the Final with Cardiff’s, and presumably Nottingham Forest’s name on them! Also as a souvenir it is odd to have a ticket which does not just say Reading and does not say Swansea.

Anyway must n’t grumble! Bring on Monday!


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