Posted by: RFC Blogger from Bridgend | April 2, 2011

RFC 2:0 Portsmouth 2.4.11

Dave Kitson was on the losing side of this game at the Majeski, but by all accounts he had a good reception from the crowd.

I can’t believe how well things have gone so far but from nowhere we seem to have jumped into a play off place, as much from our own good performance as with other teams above us not pulling away. In recent past seasons it’s been us not pulling away and being caught by the chasing pack. It feels like Brian has timed the teams efforts to perfection…although I must try not to get carried away!

Team  Played Actual Points Actual Position Max points over 39 games Potential position on 39 games
QPR 38 76 1 79 1
Norwich 39 70 2 70 2
Cardiff 39 66 3 66 4
Swansea 39 66 4 66 3
Leeds 39 64 5 64 5
Reading 38 60 6 63 6
Nott’m Forest 39 60 7 60 7
Millwall 39 57 8 57 9
Burnley 38 57 9 60 8
Watford 39 56 10 56 10
Hull 39 56 11 56 12
Leicester 39 56 12 56 11
Portsmouth 39 54 13 54 13


A month ago we were 6 points off the play offs and heading for 10th or 11th.

Not only have we closed the gap on the teams in the play off positions we are now in a play off position with a game in hand and a very healthy goal difference.

QPR 76   100 1
Norwich 70   91 2
Swansea 66   87 3
Cardiff 66   87 4
Leeds 64   85 5
Royals 60   84 6
Watford 56   83 7
Nott’m Forest 60   81 8
Burnley 57   81 9
Leicester 56   77 10
Hull 56   77 11


and based on the games left (ignoring for now games between these teams) we have the potential to get enough points to finish 6th. Also it’s official – we can’t be relegated this season!

We really are at the business end of the season and each game seems to take on even more importance than usual. We play Preston next, who although deep in relegation trouble, have won their last three games, and then we play Nottingham Forest followed by Scunthorpe – so two teams fighting for their lives with one fighting for a play off place sandwiched in between. Both Notts Forest and Scunthorpe lost today, between them conceding 10 (ten!) goals.

Looking at “my other” teams, Cardiff and Swansea only have 6 more points than us, and we have a game in hand. Cardiff beat Derby 4-1 and Swansea – they lost to Preston(?). Crystal Palace won and kept 7 points between them and Preston – which I hope will make Preston downcast that after their own win the team above them won, so maybe they will become demoralised (some hope).

Further afield Brighton now only need 7 points to be promoted.

After this season, I will not refer to our 2005/6 season again, but interestingly enough neither QPR nor Brighton, despite probably being promoted from their respective leagues this year, will neither of them beat the Royals points tally or achieve promotion as early as the Royals who were promoted by the 25th March.

Anyway that’s enough of that – can’t wait for Tuesday, and no doubt a tense game at Preston which if we win will give us a bit of space to play with. Last time we met it was a draw. Lets hope we get all three points this time!


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