Posted by: RFC Blogger from Bridgend | March 8, 2011

Ipswich 1:3 RFC

Recap on the run in so far:

Palace (A) – fighting relegation (3 points previously) 1 point

Middlesborough (H) – pulling away from relegation (0 points previously) 3 points

Ipswich (A) – just below us (3 points previously) 3 points

Preston (H) – fighting relegation (1 point previously) – postponed as in the 5th round of FA Cup

Barnsley (A) – Just below us (3 points previously)

Portsmouth (H) – 15th mid table (1 point previously)

Notts Forest (A) – top of the table going for promotion (1 point previously)

Scunthorpe (A) – fighting relegation (0 points previously)

Leicester (H) – play off candidate (3 points previously)

Leeds (H) – play off candidate (1 point previously)

Sheff Utd (H) – fighting relegation (1 point previously)

Coventry (A) – 16th Mid table (1 point previously)

Derby (H) – slipping down the table (3 points previously)


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