Posted by: RFC Blogger from Bridgend | March 2, 2011

Everton 0:1 RFC

Well reading the press after last night is really nice. It feels so good to be able to reflect on a victory over opposition from a higher division, and to have the next round to look forward to.

Winning last year over Liverpool was good, but to win again on Merseyside is even better, especially after our recent performance against Crystal Palace.  I was fearing the worst that we would concede a hat full of goals, but by all accounts our defence remembered how to play in defence and we managed to come out winners.

That’s not to say as usual there were a number of shots that were missed. Not that I would want to really humiliate a side like Everton, it would have made for more comfortable listening. Also it is always a worry to me that we don’t convert more of our chances. You never know when this will come back to bite you. This a cup game so goal difference, apart from plus 1 does not matter. But in the league goal difference may make the difference between making or missing the playoffs, or avoiding and being relegated – as happened to us in 2007/8.

Anyway this was not meant to turn into a rant, I am a cup half full person and this is definitely a cup half full type of day.

I am so pleased for the team and Brian.  This picture says it all!Reading manager Brian McDermott and Shane Long

The Cup seems to have been a high point in our performances recently, which contrasts as said before with how Coppell approached this competition. Hopefully it will have a similar effect on us this season as it did last year – and we can move into a play off place in the league.


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