Posted by: RFC Blogger from Bridgend | February 19, 2011

RFC v Watford 19.2.11

I really need a lift – feeling really fed up with the way things are going – and a win today would really make me feel better.

Chelsea have lost to Everton in their R4 FA Cup replay so the Royals are now going to Liverpool again to hopefully beat their opponent on Merseyside – Everton this time!

The Royals are playing Watford right now, and as usual it sounds like we are having some chances – but so far no goals for or against.

Team  Played Actual Points Max points over 32 games Potential position on 32 games
QPR 31 60 63 1
Nott’m Forest 30 53 59 2
Cardiff 31 55 58 3
Norwich 31 54 57 4
Swansea 31 53 56 5
Leeds 31 52 55 6
Leicester 32 51 51 7
Burnley 31 47 50 8
Watford 30 44 50 9
Millwall 31 46 49 10
Hull 31 45 48 11
Ipswich 30 41 47 12
Reading 31 43 46 13
Barnsley 31 41 44 14
Coventry 31 39 42 15

Since I last posted on this blog the Royals have lost to Norwich and drawn with Sheffield United. 1 point from 6 when we were hoping for at least 4! We have been the victims of late goals in the last four games now, Cardiff, QPR, Norwich and now Sheffield United. Looking at the table above we are losing touch with the play off places. I’m assuming that all of the teams around us have to play each other again so things are not so bad as they might appear, but we really have got to start winning some games.

Watford have just scored! The Royals are threatening…..but thats not good enough…we are lucky not to go two down!

My heart is sinking, and I can’t think of anything else to say as the goal has taken the wind out of my sails!



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