Posted by: RFC Blogger from Bridgend | February 12, 2011

Norwich away

It’s interesting listening to the commentary from the opposition. The RFC on-line service was n’t working. So for a while I was watching the red button BBC final score programme and listening to the BBC Norwich radio coverage. From the red button I knew the Royals had gone a goal behind. But it was a good minute before the on-line coverage commentated on the goal. It was quite strange knowing that a goal was coming, because from the Norwich commentary you would not have known it!

Ten minutes later – the red button was telling me that Shane Long had equalised. Again it was quite a while before the Norwich radio commentator described it and you would not have guessed it was going to happen from the tone and commentary. I think what has happened is that I am so acclimatised to Peter Hood’s commentary which is always at a raised state of anxiety – the Norwich commentators are obviously more laid back. In all honesty I would probably like something somewhere in between.

The game sounds quite hectic. It sounds like some dodgy fouls are happening, and as usual the officials are not seeing it. The RFC on-line coverage is a bit patchy so I might listen to the other coverage to see if they comment on the fouls!


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