Posted by: RFC Blogger from Bridgend | February 8, 2011

A little perspective!

I’ve just read an article on the Reading FC site which was really good from a stats point of view as it’s basically saying that it is still all to play for! Which we all know, but after a really disappointing week, we need to be reminded.,,10306~2288312,00.html

I found it slightly odd as I am not sure why it was put on the site, as another way of looking at it is to say it smacks of being slightly desperate to convince everyone that the Royals still have a chance. It goes without saying that with 17 games left mathematically any team can win the league or be relegated, the highest any team can finish is still 1st and the lowest 24th. Statistically it is a different story.

Even so I liked the article as it does give a perspective that may have been lost by about 10pm on Friday night. Still not sure why the game kicked off at 7:45. I thought that was odd, and missed the first 15 minutes of the on-line coverage as usually the evening games kick off at 8pm – coincidentally for both the Royals and QPR home games.


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