Posted by: RFC Blogger from Bridgend | February 4, 2011

Taking on the top teams

By the end of this evening the Royals will have played Cardiff and QPR in the space of four days.

The Tuesday night game against Cardiff at the City stadium was very exciting and entertaining. It was great to go to the game with MMC and cheer on the team. There was the usual exchange of texts with my line-manager (who is a Cardiff fan), about the best team winning – but a difference of opinion as to which team that was.

They are playing QPR as we speak – an evening game at the Mad Stad which curiously started at 7:45 rather than 8:00 which is when evening games normally kick off.

I am also listening to/watching Wales v England in the rugby with the score currently 3:10 to England. But Wales are fighting back and England have just lost a player to a yellow card.

The early part of the Cardiff game was dull and frustrating especially as we lost Shane to an early injury. But the game sparked into life when we scored and the second 20 minutes of the first half were more exciting. There was a “commentator” sitting behind us giving a running commentary on the falling over antics from some of the Cardiff players. I did not mind really as I was “missing” the commentators voice in my ear which I usually have either listening on-line or through my ear phones on my mobile/radio when I make it to home games. 

The commentators are getting aerated about the poor decisions in the game, which seem to be going against the Royals, and I can picture Neil Warnock strutting up and down the line shouting and pointing.

Unfortunately we gave the initiative back to Cardiff right after the kick off by a mistake by the goalie. It’s really disappointing as there have been a couple of mistakes at the back line recently. Reading were under the cosh for quite a while and Cardiff hit the bar/post at least twice and missed near the bottom of the post at least once.

To be honest the game petered out again and with about 15 minutes to go I was just hoping we could hold onto the draw. The only thing that happened to get a buzz of excitement was the referee falling over a Cardiff player and being injured for a few minutes – which unfortunately would come back to haunt us!

Sounds like the Royals are lucky not to lose Matt Mills to a red card. Although now QPR have lost a player as he took Kebe out of the game. David Armitage is doing his nut as Matt Mills is getting involved and he’s already had a yellow card! I’d love to see Neil Warnock now! He is “lambasting” the lines man according to Peter Hood, and it sounds like Shane could have had a chance. The atmosphere sounds great as it always is for games against QPR or involving Neil. 

There was 4 minutes of added time (due to the referee), and two minutes into that period the Royals took the lead. I was looking forward to sending that smug message to my line-manager. Then Craig Bellamy won a dubious free kick, and all hell was let loose. Players pushing and shoving. Eventually when the referee finally regains control, on the seventh minute Craig takes the free kick and of course it goes in the back of the net!

Half time at Reading (0:0) and the Millenium Stadium (6:13).

Oh well we’ll have to wait a bit longer to win against Cardiff, we have drawn the last three times we’ve played, and over all time we’ve both won 19 times and now drawn 16.

As we left the ground I started to read a text from my line-manager which read “well done on the win..Hope we do better on Friday (meaning Wales v England)” I only read part of the text and thought he’d sent it before his team equalised, but then I carried on reading it and he continued “…oops sent the congrats too soon!”

Mid way through the second half I would have settled for the draw. Mid way through added time I was dreaming of the win. By the end of added time I was disappointed with the draw!

But by the time we’d walked back to the car I was relatively satisfied as at least we did not lose, although the fact that we gifted them the first goal and then they were lucky to get the equaliser still bugs me a bit. But all in all with the number of chances, and the game generally, a draw was a fair result.


In reality though we have now drawn 12 games which is 24 points lost rather than 12 points gained. We really need the win tonight. And so far the decisions are going our way, lucky not to lose Matt Mills to a red card, lucky that they have lost a man(?), and lucky not to lose Mills to a second yellow. I question lucky that they have lost a man, as I think we often struggle when playing ten men!

I’m not a fan of a Friday evening game. What with the football and the rugby taking place this evening my sporting weekend is over before its begun!


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