Posted by: RFC Blogger from Bridgend | January 29, 2011

Catching up again!

I’m just listening to Swansea v Leyton Orient in the FA cup, and Orient have just scored a second goal to go 2:1 in the 87th minute – oh dear for Swansea and Brendan.

There has not been time to update this blog recently. Busy doing other things, but keeping an eye on the team and how they are doing. I’m listening to the Royals in the FA Cup at Stevenage today, which will hopefully be a win for the team which should have enough quality to beat the team from League two.

Turning to the league Reading are still within 3 points of the play off places if all games were played and maximum points gained. 

Team  Played Actual Points Max points over 28 games Potential position on 28 games
QPR 27 52 55                          1
Nott’m Forest 26 46 52 2
Norwich 27 47 50 3
Cardiff 27 47 50 4
Watford 26 42 48 5
Swansea 28 47 47 6
Leeds 28 45 45 7
Reading 27 41 44 8

However there are two six pointer games coming up as the next two games for the Royals are against Cardiff and QPR both of whom are above the Royals.

The Royals have just taken the lead at Stevenage with a goal for Leigertwood which I think repays his efforts so far since moving on loan to the Royals.

It sounds like the Royals are being kicked off the park slightly, which seems to happen when playing lower league opponents, so I hope they do not pick up any bad injuries.

The Royals have a run of three games in seven days, today in the Cup, Tuesday evening and then Friday evening at quite a critical point in the season. The stats website (see link below) show the Royals as heading for a fifth spot finish based on recent form and eighth based on season form which stacks up with my analysis above.

Whilst things are going well, and some players are coming into form, others seem to be disappointing. Simon Church for one – who always seems to be off-side (his name is being mentioned so happy to eat my words if he scores now and according to Peter Hood who can hardly speak HRK should have had a penalty and it’s been a good five minutes from Simon )

Looking at my other teams, Reading are 4th in the form table for the last 8 games, whilst Cardiff are 13th and Swansea 12th. Both of these teams are by coincidence now out of the Cup. Normally I would not think this was a bad thing, as they can now focus on the league. But Last season for Reading saw the cup run as so important to the team across all their performances in league and cup that now I want them to keep the winning mentality as that is infectious. QPR who we play next week are 10th, and poor Crystal Palace are in the bottom three having played more games than all teams below them.

As Reading play Cardiff and QPR in the next week, recent form says that we should be in with a chance against these two teams

Shane could have given us a two goal lead on the stroke of half time, but the keeper kept him out, and the whistle has now gone for half time. A 2 goal lead at half time is not necessarily a good thing, as we were 2:0 up against Aston Villa at half time in the quarter-final last year, and I was really in Half Time Heaven, but we went on to lose.

I just sent in a message to Reading 107 and unfortunately it was completely misquoted. It can be really frustrating when they put a different spin on what you send in, makes you want to throw your teddy in the corner, but it is the only way to be involved which is important to me. Here is what I sent:

Subject: 1:0 not such a bad scoreline

Hi Guys,  

Listening keenly to the commentary and looking forward to the second half. I’m hoping that only being one goal ahead at the start of the second half will mean that the team are still focused when they take the field again. A 2:0 scoreline is potentially dangerous, as we may have been tempted to sit back and defend that lead, rather than come out looking for more goals. I know it’s a double-edged thing, and can be interpreted in many ways, but either way it is a positive scoreline and by the sounds of it a very positive performance.

Looking forward to being in the draw for the next round!

Back to my other teams: Brighton are 6 points clear in League 1 with a game in hand so are going well and hopefully will be promoted this season. If Brighton are promoted and Crystal Palace relegated this will be the tale of two brothers in-law. One happy and one sad!

I’m looking forward to the game against Cardiff on Tuesday. MMC and myself will be going along, so I hope it’s not too cold. I’m hoping for at least a draw, otherwise going in to work on Wednesday may not be very easy!

Comon the Royals.


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