Posted by: RFC Blogger from Bridgend | January 3, 2011

RFC 2:1 Burnley – a good result

Thankfully 3 points for a hard-won game especially after the disappointment of Saturday at Swansea.

During the game and before Shane scored the second goal, I sent in a rather weary email to Reading 107 under the subject “we need more finishing quality” and it probably sounded really negative.

Hi Guys,

Having been really disappointed on 1st of January at the Liberty stadium, and with the Royals drawing at the moment, I can’t help feeling that we just don’t have the finishing quality we need to score more goals, win more games and really push for promotion. Watching from behind the goal at the Liberty Stadium I can’t believe the two chances that Church did n’t take on Saturday, and every week listening on-line I have David and Peter’s voices ringing in my ears about one missed chance after another. I don’t think we are on our own, as Swansea missed two open goal chances as well on Saturday, so maybe that is the norm for Championship sides!

Hopefully we manage to at least get one point from today’s game, but I am getting a bit weary of all the unfulfilled hopes and expectations.

Listening to David Armitage he is saying it was a really hard-fought win and that Burnley were all over us. It is a busy time over Christmas and by now the players will be tired. I don’t disagree with this at all and I’m really pleased they won today. But I do feel that we do seem to lack the finishing that we need to score goals and win games. They will either not read out my email at all, or read it out and then criticises it for being too negative.

I do enjoy engaging with the Reading 107 forum, but they can select what they read and what spin they put on it, and you do not have any right of reply. They have just read out an abridged version of my email, but I could not listen too closely to how they responded to it as my cat was being sick and I needed to look after him!!

I reckon Shane is going for player of the season, as he is consistently playing well even when he is not scoring. (I don’t believe he is on anyone’s radar, but lets hope we keep hold of him during the transfer window. Having said that, in my experience if a player wants to go they should be allowed to leave as they never seem to perform as well after there have been rumours of transfer interest by the player or other teams) One of my favourite players – Jobi is recovering from illness and is not quite at full strength. Leigertwood seems to be settling in well and hopefully he can be signed permanently.

Anyway I am pleased we won and have had a fairly successful Christmas period. Just think back to this time last year and compare our positions!


Team  Max points over 26 games Potential position on 26 games
QPR 51 1
Norwich 46 2
Cardiff 46 3
Nott’m Forest 46 4
Watford 45 5
Leeds 44 6
Swansea 43 7
Doncaster 43 8
Burnley 41 9
Reading 40 10
Millwall 39 11

Compared to Saturday the Royals have moved up a place and gained one point on the top six if all teams had played 26 games and all won their games (ignoring any clashes) 

Cardiff did not play, Swansea lost and Crystal Palace won – and maybe are just starting to claw their way away from relegation. And Brighton are back to winning ways.




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