Posted by: RFC Blogger from Bridgend | January 2, 2011

Swansea 1:0 RFC – How disappointing!

I was really looking forward to this game. Not only was I looking forward to watching the game live and cheering on the team, but it was hopefully a chance to redress the balance and beat Swansea at home like they beat us at the Madejski Stadium. We all went as a family to the Liberty Stadium, 3 of us in the away end and 2 in the home end – a family tradition. I say a tradition but for one of our party, my mum who was born and bred in Reading some 60 plus year’s ago, it was their first experience of watching the Royals play football live. 

To put it in perspective this was the first game the Royals had lost in 9 games so I am not too discouraged, and we play again tomorrow so there is that to look forward to, it’s just I was really looking forward to watching the Royals from the stands live and they just really did not perform well at all.

I lost my voice from shouting and cheering them on, so I played my part as a loyal supporter, but unfortunately they did not do their job on the pitch! My guess is that Brian was as disappointed as I was, and I did return his clapping to the away fans, although I did not feel much like clapping the team off the park.

From where I was sitting Church missed two sitters, and the Royals did have a penalty shout which went unheard! Kebe was his usual lack lustre disinterested and easily shook-off self. Shane worked his socks off but could not win the game on his own. Matt Mills had a bad game, it was so frustrating seeing the misplaced passes, and the number of times the ball was cleared by a Royals defender to just go straight to the feet of a Swansea player. We seamed to be our own worst enemies at times! We were just poor all over the pitch.

Before the game MOH said that you never knew what to expect from games on New Year’s Day as with the Christmas fixture list players would be tired by now. I can only put the Royal’s performance down to this. I think the PA system was a bit hung-over too as it celebrated a second goal that never was and started playing music as the game was continuing after a goal kick. The scoreboard also showed Swansea as going a goal further ahead! This caused much merriment around the Reading fans, if only in an ironic way! 

The fixtures have been disrupted with teams not all having played the same number of games. Ignoring any games between these teams, if all the teams around the Royals were on the same number of games played and all had maximum points, the table might look something like this:

Team      Max points over 25 games Potential position on 25 games
QPR 50 1
Norwich 45 2
Swansea 43 3
Cardiff 43 4
Nott’m Forest 43 5
Watford 42 6
Doncaster 42 7
Leeds 41 8
Burnley 41 9
Millwall 38 10
Reading 37 11

There is only six points between third and eleventh so things are quite tight. A couple of weeks ago it looked like a gap was opening up between 6th and the rest, but as happened last year the teams in 2nd to 6th are not better enough than the rest to pull away, and they keep dropping points whilst the teams below them are picking them up, although Millwall and the Royals are possibly lagging behind slightly. It’s early days though still.

Looking at “my other teams” (excluding the Swans for obvious reasons), Cardiff lost (again) to Bristol (who lost recently to Reading and drew with Palace), Palace were beaten by Millwall 3 : 0, and Brighton got back to winning ways by beating Leighton Orient 5:0, they were obviously making up for lost time!

The games come fast and furious, so I am hoping the Royals will bounce back tomorrow against Burnley – who sacked their manager and then went on to win 4:2 against Sheffield United.

Comon the Royals!!!


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