Posted by: RFC Blogger from Bridgend | December 18, 2010

Derby 1:2 RFC 18.12.10

Amazing what a win does for your mood!! Can’t wait to hear what Robby Savage has to say later on the telly!

Well done to those Royals fans who made it to Pride Park on a day like today. Their support has been repaid by the win. 

Listening to the classified results there were only a few games that went ahead. My “other teams” either did not play or wished they had not as they lost. Cardiff and Brighton were the former and Swansea and Crystal Palace the latter.

Listening to the commentary it sounds like the Royals did well to hold out for the win. According to the stats Derby had more shots on and off target than the Royals. And it seems that for once we did not have loads of near chances, but actually converted more of the fewer chances we had.

Todays game was the first of five in sixteen days. Hopefully these were first three of fifteen points (ok maybe that’s a bit over optimistic)

Reading are now 7th just outside the playoffs, but the team in 6th are more than 3 points ahead, so there appears to be a gap developing slowly between the playoffs and the teams just outside. Leeds will be getting a nose bleed soon, as they are now in second, although Cardiff did not play today.

Looking at the table data analysis, the Royals need to be scoring more goals which will hopefully leed to more wins, as apart from this they are performing quite well. The string of 5 draws and ten dropped points but at the same time not losing for 6 games has been a strength.


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