Posted by: RFC Blogger from Bridgend | November 13, 2010

RFC 3:3 Norwich

When Norwich went down to ten men at 3:1 up, I did not expect the Royals to be able to capitalise, as the last couple of times when our opponents have gone down to ten men it seems to have galvanised them into defending their lead, and we do not seem to have gained an advantage.

This time though, according to the excitable Peter Hood, we were unlucky not to have won. I felt like we were lucky to get the draw, David Armstrong felt it was two points lost, which of course it was, but considering the way the game was going before they lost a player, I think we were lucky to get anything out of the game at all. It was unlikely to be Doncaster all over again!

So at least we got something from this weekend.

The division is so tight, and with 29 games still to go, we don’t want to peak too early. We need to keep in touch with the play offs, and be ready for the good run in. There is always a team which seems to come good in the last few games and sneaks into the top 6. I’m just hoping that the annual slump after Christmas (apart from last year) goes missing this year as well, and we continue doing well.

Come on the Royals.

Looking around at “my other teams”, Crystal Palace won, Brighton lost away! Swansea play tomorrow, and Cardiff won.


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