Posted by: RFC Blogger from Bridgend | November 12, 2010

Home to Norwich tomorrow – but not at 3:00pm

The Royals face Norwich tomorrow, but I have to wait until 5:20 for kick off. There’s something not so good about kick offs that are n’t at 3:00pm Saturday afternoon.

At least it’s not a Friday night kick-off, the weekend is over before its begun on those occasions.

When I’m listening to the game on-line, I’m flicking between live tables, scores at other games, etc and of course when it’s only your team playing there is not much point in that. Also when I used to watch sky sports news, because the studio had moved on to other things, there was not as much attention paid to 5:20 kick offs. Its bad enough when RFC have an evening kick off, their home games always kick off at 8:00 instead of 7:45. So while the Royals are still playing and I’m still waiting for news on how they are doing, everyone else has moved on to analysing the results etc.

Anyway, other than all of that…it’s Saturday tomorrow, and there is a competition to look forward to, and everything to play for …before the ref blows his first whistle and the game unfolds.

I remember a game a few years back when Norwich were going for promotion in the Championship, or whatever it was called then, and the ball from a Norwich corner, bounced off the referee and Norwich scored. Following the “controversial” goal scored by Cardiff on Wednesday, I can do without any dodgy decisions. Unless they go in Reading’s favour of course.



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