Posted by: RFC Blogger from Bridgend | November 11, 2010

RFC 1 : 1 Cardiff City. 10/11/10

Listened to this one partly on BBC Radio Wales as  I was still at work.

Having listened to the RFC on-line coverage of the QPR game, and heard potentially biased coverage making it sound like the Royals were bullied off the pitch, it was interesting listening to the away coverage of the game against the Bluebirds. It sounded to me like the Royals were being pushed all the way by Cardiff, and I was n’t expecting Reading to keep hold of their lead.

I could n’t get on-line when I got home so listened to the second half on the red button on the telly, Radio Wales coverage again. (amazing the various ways you can watch/listen to a game now) I was getting more and more nervous, covering my eyes towards the end as after Cardiff equalised with what sounded like a dodgy goal, I was convinced that they were going to go on and win. The Radio Wales commentators seamed to be over exaggerating the emphatic nature of the line’s man’s decision, its speed and the fact that he had no hesitation. Makes me think it was not so clear-cut. They were compensating too much!

Anyway, on balance it sounded a fair result, and made life that bit easier today as I am surrounded by Cardiff fans in work!  

Looking at the stats we had more than 50% of the possession, and more shots on target, so the story painted by the stats gave the Royals a greater share in the game than the BBC Wales Coverage.

Just shows, and I’ve noticed this before, sometimes the commentary, the stats on various websites, and my own eyes if I’ve attended a game, seem to give a totally different picture of the game. You can really understand how “spin” is used to have an effect on people’s perceptions.

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