Posted by: RFC Blogger from Bridgend | November 6, 2010

QPR 3:1 RFC – booooooo

I don’t know why but when I think of the QPR manager I slip into pantomime mood. Either that or I cunjour up images of Punch and Judy!

I listened to this game on the internet, with David and Peter giving their views on today’s game. Based on their commentary Peter, nearly losing his voice with excitement and David being the voice of reason, I feel more than slightly aggrieved at today’s events. I always feel really fed up after we have lost for quite a while, it takes me ages to shake it off normally. I feel even more fed up as I feel that today’s game we were unfortunate with the referee and the bully boy tactics of the opponents.  

Both commentators appeared to be saying that the Royals were on the receiving end of some dodgy refereeing decisions, right from the first whistle. It felt like QPR knew very quickly that they could kick six bells out of the royals players and get away with it. I am aware that every fan is probably slightly biased when they see events before their eyes and maybe are n’t as objective as they could be. But… it did sound like every decision possible went QPR’s way, eg their third goal, and no decisions went our way, with the possible exception of the red card decision. And in my view the opposition going down to ten men often galvanise them and adds to our problems rather than alleviating them.

On balance, it did sound like QPR were the better team, and we would probably not have won any way, but with a fairer playing field I think we really could have got the draw I was hoping for in the first place. A bit like when England lost to Germany in the World Cup. OK if the goal that never was had been allowed it might have rocked Germany and the result may have been different, but in reality the German team were playing England off the park, and appeared to be able to carve the team open at will, so they probably would have won in any case even if the goal that never was had been allowed.

Anyway no use crying over spilt milk! QPR are back to the top but I can’t bring myself to will the Bluebirds to win (they would go back to the top if they did win), although as we play them next I don’t mind if they get a win tomorrow, so that they wont be so hungry mid-week.

Looking at “my other teams” Crystal Palace lost after taking the lead, Brighton won, and the Swans play tomorrow.

Right better get back to work.

This link shows some stats and data on RFC’s season so far.


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