Posted by: RFC Blogger from Bridgend | November 1, 2010

RFC 4:3 Doncaster – The great escape!!

I did not hear the result until later that evening, we’d been to Greenwich in London for the day, and did not hear the result until we got back to our hotel. MOH pulled the results up onto his mobile, and then I read the match report, and realised that RFC were 3-1 down just after half time. Part of me was glad I did not listen to the game, as I would have been really downhearted by this point. But then say I’d carried on listening and heard the great fight back, or had given up only to hear later that they’d come back from 3-1 down to win 4-3 in the last few minutes of the game, either of these options would have been good. 

I had a mixture of those emotions as I scrolled through the goal scoring sequence on MOH’s phone, my jaw dropping further with each goal they scored. Because I knew the result, and then saw the scoring sequence unfolded before my eyes, I could n’t believe that we scored once and three goals went in for the other side before we scored again! I knew we’d won, so was not downcast, and was really amazed and pleased that the Royals managed to fight back to win from such a losing position. I really wished I’d been there.

The atmosphere must have been a real roller coaster. Jubilation at scoring first, then a dent to confidence when we conceded for the opponents to draw level. Then conceding again to go in behind at half time. Then to concede again just after half time! I can imagine the crowd muttering and moaning, but maybe screaming at the team to get a grip. Two goals then brought us level on 74 minutes. To score then in the 88th minute the “roof” must really have lifted off the fans heads. Listening to Brian in the after match interview it sounds like the atmosphere really came alive when we got one back! He’s just reminded me that we play QPR and Neil Warnock next week. The interviewer was commenting on Brian’s calm exterior and he drew a comparison with Neil Warnock – I can’t stand him but there is something entertaining about watching him on the touch line.

Just looking at the team sheet – John Oster now plays for Doncaster, so he must have been disappointed. Along with the away fans who must have been really feeling the opposite of the RFC fans to have lost from such a good position. There have been a couple of high scoring games across the leagues already this season, was it Leeds who ended up losing to Preston after being a similar score line to this game?

The other teams I listen out for did ok:

Swansea won – unfortunately against one of “my other teams” – Crystal Palace.

Cardiff won as well, I just try to keep hold of the fact that they are flying the Welsh flag hopefully into the Premiership, and forget it’s Cardiff we are talking about. 

Brighton won 3 nil.  They are 8 points clear at the top of the league, plus 16 goal difference 10 more than the 2nd place team. I really hope they maintain this form and are promoted ahead of moving to their new stadium!

Roll on next Saturday and a game against QPR!

What are my hopes?     Still realistically aiming for a play off or better finish.

How realistic is this?  32 games left, so all teams can be relegated or champions still. We are definitely still in the hunt and in with the pack of play off teams.

Deep down?    Really pleased that we were able to come back after conceding 3 goals and still go on to win. Amazingle compared to recent games, we had 4 shots on target and we must have had 100% success rate as we scored 4 times.

Overall feeling?   Pleased and upbeat ahead of the game with QPR “the fake hoops” although we have conceded 3 goals and QPR have plus 21 GD and have only conceded 1 goal at home and scored 13!


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