Posted by: RFC Blogger from Bridgend | October 23, 2010

Come on Reading! Bristol 1: RFC 0 19/10/10 and the hang-over

Come on Reading! We really should have won against Bristol being the “strongest team in the division” as they are propping the rest of the division up!

I listened to this game on-line, although happily, or not depending on how you look at it, my internet went down at the precise moment when Bristol scored!

Same old story of stacks of somewhere between half and three-quarter chances, but not enough finishing quality. We had 11 attempts on target as opposed to Bristol’s 6. and 10 corners as opposed to 6! Obviously Bristol having given away a two goal lead to be beaten by Cardiff, were more desperate to win than Reading who also lost the previous weekend.

It always affects me for quite a while after the game, that dragging down feeling of having lost and not having good news to draw positive vibes from. Two losses on the trot, starts to become a habit. However Saturday’s game was the first home game we have lost for some time, and Bristol maybe had more to prove at home, so I need to keep this in perspective.

Going back to the stats, after the Swansea game I was frustrated by the fact that we had 3 attempts on target 6 off target and 14 corners! At least against Bristol we managed to shift the balance between on and off target shots, or am I clutching at straws.

My Key questions:

What are my hopes?     Still realistically aiming for a play off or better finish. Maybe the effect of losing Sigurdsson is having its effect. At least that was one of Brian’s first comments! – Is he looking for excuses already?

How realistic is this?  34 games left, so all teams can be relegated or champions still. We are definitely still in the hunt and in touch with the play off teams

Deep down?    Worried about lack of finishing and converting of chances into goals, although more at least were on target and maybe it’s only a matter of time!

Overall feeling?   depressed and desperate for that winning feeling – I suddenly realise what that phrase means!

It’s Saturday – so roll on the next game!!


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