Posted by: RFC Blogger from Bridgend | October 1, 2010

Eve of Preston NE v RFC 2.10.10

It will be strange tomorrow as I will probably be shut away from anything except Golf. Why is this? MOH requested and was successful in getting tickets for day 2 of the Ryder Cup which is taking place at Celtic Manor Resort in Newport.

We are not massive golf fans, but like a good sporting event, and I am usually interested in most team events. So tomorrow we will be getting the 6:30am train to Newport and spending the day traipsing round the Gwent countryside, which is of course no great hardship. I am so glad it was not today, as play was suspended at about 10am this morning because of torrential rain. But in preparation I’ve been to buy a waterproof jacket and wellies!

Bizarrely we are not allowed to take mobile phones with us to the golf course, or radios. So unfortunately I will not be able to follow the trials and tribulations of the Royals. But come 3:00 I will be thinking and wondering how the Royals are getting on. I’m hoping there might be a screen somewhere in the golf course with football results. But I get the feeling that followers of golf could not possibly see anything else as anywhere near as important . 

PNE put 5 past Leeds, after falling 4:1 behind, to win 4:6, so our defence will be tested to its limits. I think it will boil down to who wants it most.

Good luck to the Royals and good luck to Europe.


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