Posted by: RFC Blogger from Bridgend | September 29, 2010

28/09/10 RFC 1:0 Ipswich

Listened to this game over the internet yesterday, and pleasingly another good result for the Royals putting us up to 6th in the table.

Peter Hood and David Armitage were in the studio and the coverage was uninterrupted, except for a jingle which tried to burst onto the live coverage.

The game was its usual frantic sort of game, with what sounded like lots of chances for the Royals that came to nothing. It also sounded a bit rough with the commentators shouting out at what appeared to be harsh tackles, and decisions going the wrong way. I do chose to listen to the Reading On-line player, but Peter’s commentary leaves you in a constantly heightened state of tension, and because you cannot see exactly what is going on, this can leave you feeling anxious and under attack almost from the words and what may be about to happen. I’m not complaining but with the way the Royals play, you are never quite relaxed anyway, and the style of commentary leaves you on tender hooks even more so.

Anyway we won, and my arms were held aloft when Simon Church scored the one and only goal in the 88 minute. Both teams were by this time down to 10 men, something of a habit for the Royals at the moment.

Hal Robson-Kanu (HRK) played well, and David Armitage was convinced Antonio would be the man on the night, but at least someone scored.

I am on the radar, as MOH puts it, for the Reading 107 phone/text/email in, who nearly always read out my emails. But sometimes it can be a bit frustrating as they may only read out some of what you say, and give a certain spin on your comment, making it appear negative or overly critical. This can leave you feeling like you have no right of reply. I nearly always agree with what David Armitage says and his comments, even if my email is read out with a different slant to that I intended.

As I was driving into work this morning, hearing on the radio that “…there were also wins for…Coventry, Derby Portsmouth and Reading…” still gave me a lift to carry me through the day. Especially as Cardiff could only draw.

The other teams I keep an eye on, Crystal Palace drew (with Cardiff) Swansea survived a come back from Watford (Rodgers’ old team) to win and in league one – Brighton won.

The most amazing result of the night was Leeds v Preston. Leeds were 3:1 up in the 39th minute, but then went on to lose to Preston who were level within 20 minutes and then scored a further 2 to win by two goals. MOH’s nephew would have been apperpleptic, and guess who the Royals play next? Yes – Preston.

In the stats before yesterday’s game, it said that RFC have not conceded in the last 15 minutes of any game so far this season. I think that’s what it said, as I’ve just gone to look at it again, and realised that the information they put on the BBC website before a game, disappears from the website – never noticed that before.

anyway roll on the weekend – and the next game. Come on URs



  1. Hello SIL

    Brilliant notes. You are wasted in Finance. Thanks for a great party and Sunday lunch. Tell MOH to book me a ticket for Wales v NZ, last Sat in November. See you then


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