Posted by: RFC Blogger from Bridgend | August 28, 2010

28th August RFC v Leicester away

It’s never relaxing listening to the Royals play over the internet. I think it’s slightly more relaxing if you are there. Maybe that’s because I usually shout my support, which is difficult from my chair in my study in South Wales. 

I remember once feeling confidence, about this time in the 2005/6 season. I remember watching the team and the opposition had gone ahead. I distinctly remember thinking that going a goal down was not a problem because we were scoring freely. We had Lita and Doyle and the next goal was never very far away. I was never a massive fan of Lita, I always felt he was a bit of a premadonna and his body language suggested he expected the ball to come to his feet. But there were a few moments of magic. 

Sitting here in front of the computer listening on-line to Peter Hood and David Armstrong on Reading 107. The Royals have just scored! Now we need to keep them out! 

I often listen on-line and send emails regularly, and when I’m at the game I text in messages. My messages are nearly always read out, although not always in their entirety. You get to understand that the commentators pick and choose which bits they read out. Sometimes as well they seem to misunderstand your meaning. Sometimes the spin they put on your comment is not what was intended, and sometimes they come back at your comment and you cannot really respond or defend yourself. 

Not that it is relevant now but this game at the other end of the 2005/6 season was where we were promoted to the Premiership. 

Leicester are managed by Paulo Sousa, who managed Swansea for a year. Swansea are now managed by Brendan Rodgers. It’s like musical chairs football management. 

I don’t like these tea time kick offs. Basically any kick off other than 3:00 on a Saturday is not quite the same. When I listen to the game I’ve usually got at least two “tabs” open one with the BBC live table and the other being the RFC audio commentary. On occasions like this there are no other games in the Championship so there is not much else to keep an eye on.  

I find it very difficult to do anything else while I’m listening to the match. It’s not like I have n’t got much to do! I could/should be reading and researching for my next MA assignment.. I can’t even deal with anyone coming into the room and asking me a question. My tolerance during a game is non-existence. 

The washing machine is spinning in the background. I hope it does n’t rain now, John’s gone to pick Louise up from work, I don’t want to have to get the washing in at the moment. 

It’s coming up to half time (4 minutes of stoppage time) and I can hear the fans in the back ground singing that curios “…super Reading, super Reading FC, by far the best team the world has ever seen…” I’ve heard that with Swansea as the team!

Peter Hook’s commentary takes a bit of getting used to, as he gets so excited he can hardly get the words out. Usually I can tell from his tone more than his words whether we are in danger or not.

We seem to be limping to half time, I think we’ve already made at least one substitution and have quite a long injury list. But maybe this will be opportunities to try new players.


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