Posted by: RFC Blogger from Bridgend | August 28, 2010

24th August recap, RFC 3:3 N’hampton AET (2:4 pens)

I wanted to call this post Arrg, Arrg, Arrg. I’ve been off-line for a week on holiday aboard a long-boat on a canal. It was a really good holiday but not without its challenges. The trip coincided with RFC’s Carling Cup clash with Northampton and my daughter’s GCSE results. I am already planning not to be away next August during results time! 

The first Arrg! was not being at home for results day. My middle child is in year 10 (4th year in old money) and I had not thought about her receiving GCSE results this year…why would I? Well if I was a better parent I should have realised that a couple of GCSE results were due this year. The fact that I work in further education could have helped me realise this. All day feelings of guilt and compassion for my daughter, who was in touch with her friends who by now had their results, was dragging me down.

I mistakenly thought RFC were playing on Wednesday  25th in the cup, so was pleasantly surprised when looking at “tonight’s football” in the paper in a pub in Ellesmere that they were playing tonight. I always look at games involving RFC as something to be looked forward to. We were getting ready to eat and it was just passed 7pm, so we should be back at the boat to listen to 5 live for goal information.

I don’t know if its psychological or physiological, but when you have been on a boat for a while, and then step off the boat, your body seems to carry on swaying. Even sat here on 28th August 29 hours after getting off the boat, I still feel like my body is swaying back and forth as if to adjust itself.

Sitting in the pub on 24th August I said out loud “was I the only one who was swaying?”  By this time we were all pretty hungry, I had drunk a quarter of a pint of bitter with a dash of lemonade, so could well believe that a combination of fatigue, hunger and alcohol were taking their toll on me.  Food arrived, and the chips were the best I’ve had for a while. We all ate well and I was drooling over the deserts listed on the board opposite me.

Arg! number 2. Within about 30 minutes, my other half began to feel really ill, and it was quite a struggle back to the boat. He felt sick, faint, dizzy. I really thought he was going to pass out. We made it back to the boat thankfully. I’m not very good when people are n’t well. Bodily fluids, vomit etc, even after three children, I can’t stand the lack of control some people have over these elements. I always feel that I should be offering to clear up, because if you’ve just been sick obviously you are not well enough to wipe it up! It’s probably not most people’s cup of tea, but I’m sure I am less sympathetic than most.

Picture it: The girls are trying to play cards, with me, I’m trying to listen for any news of RFC (our digital radio is working at least) and my other half is half sitting half lying, head in hands, looking like death warmed up!

This is the end of our first full day on the boat. So far I have been totally inept at steering the boat, so my other half has taken the lion share of that responsibility with the girls having a go as well, although me and my youngest child have done the locks and bridges while my middle child has helped pull the boat in and made cups of tea. Today was very windy, so much so that another boater said he’d moored up as it was too windy, and the holiday boats are generally harder to steer as they are lighter!

The penny dropped for my other half as to what might be causing his symptoms, and this made him feel less anxious and gradually better, as he realised that his dodgy ear had probably been affected by the vibration of the boat (which he’d felt most through the tiller), and combined with being slightly stressed and panicking a few times had probably caused a vertigo like reaction. 

Reports were coming through erratically not helped by the fact that RFC kick off at 8:00, and therefore finish later than most other games. I learned it was 1:0 to the Royals, which quickly became 1:1. Next time I heard anything it was already 2:1 to the Royals. Northampton must have equalised as it went to extra time. Mark Pugash (not sure of the spelling) rounded up the scores signing off saying that RFC were leading 3:2, then the programme ended! This was about ten o’clock, and there was no further update. The theme of the programme phone in was embarrassing or nightmare moments, apparently the presenter had had to spend some time with Peter Andre!

My other half was rallying by now, and knowing how important RFC are to me, tried to get the internet on his phone, had to restart as it crashed, then almost simultaneously with the 10:30 news, revealed that RFC had conceded an own goal at the end of extra time, and then gone on to lose on penalties AAAARRRRGGGG!!!! Mat Mills had scored an own goal with the last kick of the game – he’d had a nightmare!

It always takes me a while to come down after losing, so this was not the best way to end the day and try to get to sleep. I think it was only that I was so tired and the tiredness was stronger than the dull ache of disappointment that was slouching my shoulders right at that moment, that allowed me to go to sleep.

Thankfully my other half was better though and with an apparent explanation to reassure us, made continuing with the holiday more likely which was a relief. 

I woke up from a better nights sleep than the first night (which was plagued by sightings of creepy crawlies coming down from the ceiling, my usual half asleep/half awake terror) but quickly had that sinking feeling of knowing the team have lost. I wished they had been playing on the Wednesday!


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